Divorce and Parenting Courses

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This website contains information for completing Divorce Orientation and Parent Education requirements online. There are two versions of the Parenting Education course. One is for married parties in a divorce action. The other is for unmarried parties in a parentage action determining issues of child custody and parent-time. For questions about whether you are required to take these courses, please see the court’s official website (Mandatory Education in Divorce and Temporary Separation) or consult an attorney. The online Divorce Orientation course is $30. The online Parent Education course is $35.

Registration and Payment

To take the online course on-demand, go to usuextension.digitalchalk.com.


Fee waiver documentation must be submitted prior to registering/paying for the course and will not be used to process refunds. Fee waiver documentation must be signed by a judge using a court-approved form. Send the signed fee waiver documentation as a pdf or jpg file to divorce@usu.edu. A discount code and registration directions will be sent to you within five business days. Discount codes may be requested by, and will only be sent to, the approved party listed on the fee waiver documentation.

Certificates of Completion

Certificates of Completion are auto generated once you complete the course. They are available to print on-demand by clicking on the “Dashboard” tab and then clicking on “Completed Courses.” From there, you can print a receipt and the certificate for each course. Certificates will not be emailed to you, the Court, your spouse, or lawyers. If you choose to proceed with a divorce, it is your responsibility to print and submit the certificates of completion to the Court. For detailed instructions on accessing your certificate, please click here.

Divorce Education for Children (ages 6–17)

Children need support getting through a divorce, just like adults. The Divorce Education for Children class is available for children ages 6 to 17 and offered free of charge. The class is taught by a mental health professional and provides children with skills to minimize the adverse effects of divorce. For questions, locations, and to register your child for an upcoming class go to utcourts.gov/divorceedforchildren.