Parenting Toolkit and Tips for Learning to

Disagree Better

Contentious conversations and deep differences are dividing countries, communities, and even couple relationships. Disagreeing better is possible. Utah State University Extension is partnering with the Wheatley Institute at Brigham Young University and the Disagree Better Initiative of the National Governor’s Association to provide a parenting toolkit to help parents and children learn to disagree better. These three lessons offer trusted tips, tools, and ideas to manage differences in better ways.

The first lesson is designed just for parents, called “Start with Me.” The second lesson offers tips to disagree better with family members inside our own homes. The third lesson focuses on better ways to manage disagreements with people outside of our home—from friends and teachers to posts on social media.

Learning to disagree better requires humility and a willingness to learn and apply principles related to civility, kindness, understanding, respect, and compassion. Better vision and understanding reveals there is a person behind every problem. It all starts with learning, living, and sharing these principles at home.

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