Alejandra Rosada

Create Better Health

CBH Bilingual Ambassador | Utah County

Alejandra Rosada

Contact Information

Office Location: Utah County
Phone: 385-268-6530


Alejandra Rosada is a passionate healthcare professional and certified medical assistant with an exceptional dedication to health prevention and promotion. A graduate of the "Create Better Health" program and Community Health Worker, Alejandra has devoted her career to making a significant impact in the community. Her commitment to community health is reflected in her extensive experience in chronic disease prevention. Over the years, Alejandra has actively participated in numerous seminars and programs aimed at fostering well-being and raising awareness about the importance of adopting healthy lifestyle habits. As a tireless advocate for health, Alejandra has developed outstanding skills in educating and counseling individuals and communities. Her proactive and empathetic approach sets her apart as a professional who goes above and beyond expectations to provide support and guidance to those seeking to improve their quality of life. With a proven track record in implementing effective health promotion strategies, Alejandra Rosada joins Utah State University with the goal of continuing her mission to positively impact the health and well-being of the community. Her dedication and experience make Alejandra a valuable and committed addition to any team seeking to promote comprehensive health.