David Dahlgren

Wildland Resources Dept

Wildlife and Rangeland Specialist

David Dahlgren

Contact Information

Phone: 435-881-1910
Email: dave.dahlgren@usu.edu

Educational Background

PhD, Wildlife Science, Utah State University, 2009
Greater sage-grouse ecology, chick survival, and population dynamics, Parker Mountain, Utah
MS, Wildlife Science, Utah State University, 2006
Greater sage-grouse reproductive ecology and response to experimental management of mountain big sagebrush on Parker Mountain, Utah
BS, Wildlife Science, Utah State University, 2001


Dave was raised in North Dakota. He completed his B.S. in Wildlife Biology at Utah State University (USU) in 2000. From 2002 to 2010 he completed an M.S., Ph.D., and postdoc at USU working on sage-grouse research and conservation. He worked at the Small Game Specialist for the State of Kansas from 2010 to 2013, and then return to USU as an Extension Associate. In 2016, Dave accepted an assistant professor position as the Rangeland Wildlife Habitat Extension Specialist.

Teaching Interests

Harvest Management

Research Interests

Applied Wildlife Ecology
Gallinaceous Bird Ecology and Management
Sagebrush Systems and Conservation


Group Achievement Award, 2016

The Wildlife Society

Challenge Coin for Efforts in Sage-Grouse Conservation, 2016

Region 6, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Letter of Commendation for Research and Outreach Impacts, 2015

Six County Association of Governments and Stan Albrecht, USU President

Western Extension Director's Award of Excellence, 2015

Western Extension Directors Association

Best Professional Paper, 2014

Utah Chapter of The Wildlife Society

Recognition of Outstanding Work, 2013

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism

Robins Award Finalist, 2009

Utah State University

Graduate Research Assistant of the Year, 2009

College of Natural Resources, Utah State University

Publications | Books

      Publications | Book Chapters

    • Dahlgren, D., Rodgers, R.D, Elmore, R.D, Bain, M.R, Haukos, D., Boal, C., (2016). Grasslands of western Kansas, north of the Arkansas River: Ecology and Conservation of Lesser Prairie-Chickens. Studies in Avian Biology
    • Elmore, R.D, Dahlgren, D., (2016). Public and Private Land Conservation Dichotomy: Ecology and Conservation of Lesser Prairie-Chickens. Studies in Avian Biology
    • Dahlgren, D., Elmore, R.D, Smith, D.A, Hurt, A., Arnett, E., Connelly, J., (2012). Use of dogs in wildlife research and management: Wildlife Techniques Manual, VII Edition. Wildlife Techniques Manual’.(Ed. NJ Silvy.) pp

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    Publications | Fact Sheets

    • Dahlgren, D., Messmer, T.A, Thacker, E., (2016). Considerations for Sage-Grouse Management Objectives. Utah State University Extension
    • Dahlgren, D., Thacker, E., Messmer, T.A, (2015). What does a Sage-grouse Eat?. USU Extension Fact Sheet

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    Publications | Journal Articles

    Academic Journal

    • Sandford, C.P, Kohl, M.T, Messmer, T.A, Dahlgren, D., Cook, A., Wing, B.R, (2017). Greater Sage-Grouse resource selection drives reproductive fitness under a conifer removal strategy. Rangeland Ecology & Management, 70:1, 59–67.
    • Tanner, E.P, Elmore, R.D, Davis, C.A, Fuhlendorf, S.D, Dahlgren, D., Thacker, E., Orange, J.P, (2016). Does the presence of oil and gas infrastructure potentially increase risk of harvest in northern bobwhite?. Wildlife Biology, 22:6, 294–304.
    • Dahlgren, D., Guttery, M.R, Messmer, T.A, Caudill, D., Dwayne Elmore, R., Chi, R., Koons, D.N, (2016). Evaluating vital rate contributions to greater sage-grouse population dynamics to inform conservation. Ecosphere, 7:3
    • Tanner, E.P, Elmore, R.D, Fuhlendorf, S.D, Davis, C., Dahlgren, D., Orange, J.P, others, , (2016). Extreme climatic events constrain space use and survival of a ground-nesting bird. Global change biology
    • Tanner, E.P, Elmore, R.D, Fuhlendorf, S.D, Davis, C.A, Thacker, E., Dahlgren, D., (2015). Behavioral responses at distribution extremes: how artificial surface water can affect quail movement patterns. Rangeland Ecology & Management, 68:6, 476–484.
    • Dahlgren, D., Larsen, R.T, Danvir, R., Wilson, G., Thacker, E., Black, T., Naugle, D.E, Connelly, J.W, Messmer, T.A, (2015). Greater sage-grouse and range management: insights from a 25-year case study in Utah and Wyoming. Rangeland Ecology & Management, 68:5, 375–382.
    • Hovick, T.J, Dahlgren, D., Papes, M., Elmore, R.D, Pitman, J.C, (2015). Predicting Greater Prairie-Chicken lek site suitability to inform conservation actions. PloS one, 10:8, e0137021.
    • Sandford, C., Dahlgren, D., Messmer, T.A, (2015). Sage-grouse nests in an active conifer mastication site. The Prairie Naturalist, 47, 115-116.
    • Hovick, T.J, Elmore, R.D, Fuhlendorf, S.D, Dahlgren, D., (2015). Weather constrains the influence of fire and grazing on nesting greater prairie-chickens. Rangeland Ecology & Management, 68:2, 186–193.
    • Caudill, D., Guttery, M.R, Bibles, B.D, Messmer, T.A, Caudill, G., Leone, E., Dahlgren, D., Chi, R., (2014). Effects of climatic variation and reproductive trade-offs vary by measure of reproductive effort in greater sage-grouse. Ecosphere, 5:12, 1–11.
    • Hovick, T.J, Elmore, R.D, Dahlgren, D., Fuhlendorf, S.D, Engle, D.M, (2014). REVIEW: Evidence of negative effects of anthropogenic structures on wildlife: a review of grouse survival and behaviour. Journal of Applied Ecology, 51:6, 1680–1689.
    • Torre, J.H, Elmore, R.D, Allred, B.W, Fuhlendorf, S.D, Dahlgren, D., (2014). Landscapes as a moderator of thermal extremes: a case study from an imperiled grouse. Ecosphere, 5:3
    • Guttery, M.R, Dahlgren, D., Messmer, T.A, Connelly, J.W, Reese, K.P, Terletzky, P.A, Burkepile, N., Koons, D.N, (2013). Effects of landscape-scale environmental variation on greater sage-grouse chick survival. PLoS One, 8:6, e65582.
    • Dahlgren, D., Messmer, T.A, Koons, D.N, (2010). Achieving better estimates of greater sage-grouse chick survival in Utah. Journal of Wildlife Management, 74:6, 1286–1294.
    • Dahlgren, D., Messmer, T.A, Thacker, E., Guttery, M.R, (2010). Evaluation of brood detection techniques: recommendations for estimating greater sage-grouse productivity. Western North American Naturalist, 70:2, 233–237.
    • Conover, M.R, Borgo, J.S, Dritz, R.E, Dinkins, J.B, Dahlgren, D., (2010). Greater sage-grouse select nest sites to avoid visual predators but not olfactory predators. The Condor, 112:2, 331–336.
    • Dahlgren, D., Chi, R., Messmer, T.A, (2006). Greater sage-grouse response to sagebrush management in Utah. Wildlife Society Bulletin, 34:4, 975–985.

    Professional Journal

    • Dahlgren, D., Messmer, T.A, Crabb, B.A, Larsen, R.T, Black, T., Frey, S., Thacker, E., Baxter, R.J, Robinson, J.D, (2016). Seasonal movements of greater sage-grouse populations in Utah: Implications for species conservation. Wildlife Society Bulletin, 40, 288–299.

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    Other Reports

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      • Dahlgren, D., Forest Grouse in the Fall: improving your forest grouse hunting skills.

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