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Meet CWEL's new Extension Ornamental Horticulture Specialist!

head shot of Dr. Poudyal
Shital Poudyal,
Ornamental Horticulture Specialist

Dr. Poudyal joined CWEL and USU's Plants, Soils and Climate Department in August of 2021.

Dr. Poudyal’s research focuses on developing sustainable management practices for landscape and nursery plants, emphasizing water conservation. He aims to evaluate and understand physiological, morphological, and biochemical responses of various ornamental plants subjected to irrigation with unconventional water sources and develop effective techniques to protect surface and groundwater resources by reducing agrochemical runoff.

Research areas will include:

  • increasing production sustainability in the nursery and landscape industry
  • developing stress tolerance mechanism in ornamental plants
  • using alternate water sources for irrigation of ornamental crops
  • identifying new ornamental cultivars for water-wise landscaping and the regional climate

In his role as a USU Extension Specialist, Dr. Poudyal will be closely involved with the Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper and USU Master Gardeners programs, USU County Extension faculty, Utah water districts, nursery, landscape growers and associations, the Utah Department of Natural Resources, as well as USDA-NRCS programs.