COVID-19 Resources for Direct Marketing Farmers

This webpage provides a listing of resources for direct marketing farmers and value-added agriculture entrepreneurs that may be helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic. These resources have been gathered from many sources, including other universities and Extension programs, government agencies, and industry organizations. The list will continue to be updated as additional resources are created or discovered.

Wallace Center COVID-19 Resource Compilation

Community Gardens

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, people may want to know if it is safe to visit or operate a community garden. Check out these resources for best practices and answers to frequently asked questions.

COVID-19 and Community Gardens

Cultivating SuccessTM Best Practices for Community Gardens During COVID-19 webinar (04/06/2020)

North Carolina State Extension COVID-19 for Community Gardens website

Purdue University Extension Gardening: A Guide for Community Gardens During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Community Supported Agriculture

These resources provide the steps Community Supported Agriculture operators should take to ensure the health of their staff, the public, and themselves amid COVID-19.

CSA Innovation Network

How to Run a CSA Pick-Up Site during COVID-19

University of New Hampshire Guide for CSA Farmers amid COVID 19 

Farms and Small Businesses

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, farmers and ranchers may be thinking about marketing channel options. This section includes a list of relevant information and resources to support farmers as we work together to adapt operations and business models.

Cultivating SuccessTM Program and University of Idaho Extension COVID-19 Resources

Cultivating SuccessTM Sustainable Small Farms Education: Small Farm & Ranch Webinar Series

Oregon State University Small Farms, Local Food, and COVID-19: What Do You Need to Know?

Washington State University Farmer Resources for Response to COVID-19 Disruptions

Colorado State University: Mitigating Immediate Harmful Impacts of COVID-19 on Colorado Farms and Ranches Selling through Local and Regional Food Markets

University of Connecticut COVID-19 Resources for Farmers

Cornell Cooperative Extension Food, Farming & COVID-19 Resources

Michigan State University Extension Agrifood Safety

Jayson Lusk Blog on food demand and pricing trends

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition: Blog post on COVID-19’s Economic Impact on Local Food Markets

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition: Mitigating Immediate Harmful Impacts of COVID-19 on Farms and Ranches Selling through Local and Regional Food Markets

North Carolina State University COVID Farming Resources

Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association COVID-19 Resources

University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture COVID-19 Resources 

Virginia Cooperative Extension COVID-19 Resources (farmers markets, U-pick farms, community gardens, etc.)

Farm Labor

Find news and resources for employers of the H2-A Visa Program and recommendations for how to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for your employees.

H2-A Visa Program

CDC published COVID-19 guidance for agricultural workers and employers (Updated June 2, 2020)

Farmers Markets

Farmers market operators and vendors are wondering how best to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic. This section provides guidance and considerations on operating farmers markets.

“YELLOW Phase” UDAF’s COVID-19 Food Establishment Permit Guidelines for Farmers Markets. Click here for updated guidelines.

“ORANGE Phase” UDAF’s COVID-19 Food Establishment Permit Guidelines for Farmers Markets. Click here for updated guidelines.

Questions and Answers from Utah Department of Agriculture and Food on the COVID-19 Food Establishment Permit Guidelines

New Regulations for Utah Farmers Markets and What They Mean to Market Operators and Direct Marketing Farmers - Utah Department of Agriculture and USU Extension Recorded Webinar for Utah Farmers Market Network

Continue Driving Sales During COVID-19: Is a Drive-thru Market Right for You? Webinar Recording (Added 03/30/2020) 

Farmers Market Coalition Resource Listing for Farmers Markets

Handwashing Station for Minnesota Farmers Markets

Maryland Department of Agriculture Information for Maryland Farmers Markets

Michigan Farmers Market Association COVID-19 Resources

North Carolina State University COVID-19 FAQ for Farmers Markets

Ohio Farmers Market Network COVID-19 Operational Response for Farmers Markets

Purdue University: A Guide for Farmers Markets to Navigate the COVID-19 Outbreak

Tennessee Association of Farmers Markets Resource List

West Virginia Farmers Market Association Crisis Management and Best Practices for COVID-19

Farm Stands

This document provides guidance and considerations for how best to operate farm stands during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 and Farm Stands

Financial Assistance Programs for Small Businesses

This section identifies funding opportunities and other federal resources that can help support farmers and rural communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

American Farmland Trust Farmer Relief Fund Grant

CARES Act Assistance for Small Businesses: Paycheck Protection Program Information from the U.S. Department of the Treasury (Added 04/03/2020)

The Small Business Owner's Guide to the CARES Act (Added 04/02/2020)

UT Extension's Paycheck Protection Program Fact Sheet (Added 04/02/2020 and Updated 04/03/2020)

Farmers' Use of the Paycheck Protection Program Depends on “Small Business” Definition (Added 04/02/2020)

UT Extension's Fact Sheet of Title II of the CARES Act: Assistance for American Workers, Families and Businesses (Added 04/02/2020)

Are There Financial Programs to Help Farmers During the COVID-19 Pandemic? (Added April 1, 2020)

Financial Assistance Programs for Farmers (Added April 1, 2020)

Coronavirus Emergency Loans: Small Business Guide and Checklist (Added March 31, 2020)

Coronavirus-related Paid Leave and Tax Credits for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses (Added 03/30/2020)

Small Business Administration COVID-19 Small Business Guidance and Loan Resources (Added 03/30/2020)

Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance Loan Program

Food Safety for Consumers and the Food Industry

Both large and small fresh produce growers have questions about how COVID-19 will affect how they do business in the near term. The following resources provide information on food safety practices. 

Western Regional Center to Enhance Food Safety

University of California Davis COVID-19 Food Safety Resources

Colorado State University Produce Safety

Colorado State University Food Systems COVID-19 Food Supply Research and Resources 

FDA Best Practices for Retail Food Stores, Restaurants, and Food Pick-up/Delivery Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Michigan State University COVID-19 and Food Safety 

Purdue University Extension: A Consumer Guide to Buying from Local Farmers During the COVID-19 Outbreak


With food waste rising in the wake of COVID-19, gleaning creates a new market for local producers. These resources provide guidelines and information on how to donate food to a local nonprofit organization in need.

Washington State University Kitsap Extension Office: Gleaning Procedures During a Pandemic

Food Recovery Network – Donate Surplus Food During COVID-19 National Emergency

FruitShare partners with fruit tree owners and community volunteers to harvest and distribute fruit that would otherwise go to waste. You can learn more about registering your trees at this website:

Marketing during COVID-19

These resources provide options to direct marketing farmers who are adapting their business models due to COVID-19.

Ensure that Your Customer Relationships Outlast Coronavirus

Harvard Business Review coronavirus articles

Iowa State University Online Sales Platforms an Option for Direct-market

Farmers During COVID-19 (and beyond)

Penn State Extension COVID-19 Marketing and Sales 

Purdue Women in Agriculture Team: Online Marketing Strategies with Low Budgets Webinar Series

Marketing Podcasts for Produce Growers: Latest podcasts have focused on dealing with COVID-19.

U-Pick Farms

This document provides guidance and considerations for how best to operate u-pick farms during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 and U-Pick Farms