Activities for Surviving Down-Time

Adapted from Tooele County Human Resources Tip Sheet

It may feel like a scary time right now, and some of you may be struggling to find things to keep everyone occupied. Below are a couple of ideas for starters. When it comes to parenting, recognize that you know your kids best. Try to be at their level, and remember to be patient. This is new for everyone!

For Adults:

  • Mindful meditation
  • Organizing
  • Books (many are available online for virtual reading - some are free!)
  • Home spa (manicure, pedicures, face masks – these could all be fun with kids!) 
  • Puzzles/board games
  • Work to accomplish the goals you haven’t had time for

For Children:

  • Dollar store/Joann for crafts (seasonal ideas, jewelry, Play-doh, painting) 
  • Indoor water play (bathtub with bowls, cups, spoons, and imagination) 
  • YouTube Videos
    • Cosmo Kids Yoga
    • Art For Kids Hub (have various artistic levels) 
    • GoNoodle
    • Lesson videos for new hobby (juggling, musical instrument, acting/plays)
  • There are several printable and guided activities for nearly any topic online. A quick Pinterest search will direct you! 
  • Involve kids in chores! They can sort laundry by colors, stack dishes, or wipe walls. 
  • Older kids may enjoy creating (recreating) a music video; writing stories; “designing” a game, or helping with meals. 

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