Teen Council

What is a Carbon County Teen Council? 

Teen Council is the county 4-H leadership organization for teen 4-H club members. Its purpose is to help teen 4-Hers develop leadership skills, while helping to build a strong, county 4-H program that benefits all members and volunteers. Teen Council members meet regularly to plan and implement 4-H educational programs, as well as community service and social activities.Being chosen as a Teen Council member entails the acceptance of “great” responsibility and A TOTAL COMMITMENT TO THE CARBON COUNTY 4-H  PROGRAM. We need people who are not afraid of people or work.

Membership: Any Carbon County 4-H club member who is 14 years old as of January 1 of the current year is eligible to join 4-H Teen Council.  New members can join at any time during the year, but are strongly encouraged to join at Achievement Night.

Meetings: Held at least monthly at the Carbon County Courthouse.

Committees: Each member will serve on one of the following committees, which will be chaired by one of the four elected officers. Committees meet during the regular Teen Council meetings.

Leadership (Chaired by President): Plans and leads leadership programs including Teen Retreat and Officer’s Training. 

Community Service (Chaired by Vice President): Plans and leads regular community service projects, seeking to involve all Carbon County 4-H members.

Activities (Chaired by Secretary): Plans and leads Teen Council social activities and countywide special events including Achievement Night and the Volunteer Recognition Banquet.

Hospitality (Chaired by Reporter): Leads opening welcome and get acquainted activities at the beginning of each Teen Council meeting; makes new members feel welcome to Teen Council; serves as host/hostess during countywide events such as 4-H Achievement Night and Volunteer Recognition Banquet.

Officers: Any member can nominate himself/herself for one of the four officer positions using the Carbon County 4-H Teen Leadership application form.

Nominees will be expected to give a two minute speech highlighting their qualifications for the position. In the event no nominations are submitted for one or more officer positions, nominations for that specific office will be taken from the floor. Officers will be elected during the January Teen Council meeting. Only active Teen Council members are eligible to vote in the election.