State Activities

4-H Camp

i4-H is a camp for 7th and 8th graders who spend 3 days at the USU Eastern campus in Price. The members participate in team building workshops taught by the 4-H State Ambassadors, swim in the wave pool, climb the indoor rock wall, plus many other adventures.

Junior Youth Conference

If you are currently in 5th or 6th grade you are eligible to go to Junior Youth Conference (JYC). JYC is held during the last week of June at Snow College in Ephraim. They have a great leadership development program with age-appropriate activities. This is a fantastic place to start in your leadership development and make some super friends from other parts of the State.

Mock Legislature

4-H members who have attended Mock Legislature in the past gave it rave reviews. You sit in the seats where our elected officials conduct their legislative business. Bills that are written and presented by 4-H go through the legislative process. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about how our government works.

Not only are you involved in the legislative process, 4-H members get to mingle with other members from around the State. What a great way to make new friends! You also get a day out of school. Mock Legislature is for 4-H members who are in ninth grade or higher.

Teen Leadership Training

Teen Leadership Training (TLT) is an intense leadership training program to help the older members develop skills that will help make the county-level programs really work. TLT is usually held during UEA in the fall. Members who are, at the same time of TLT, in grades 9-12 are eligible to attend. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn some valuable life skills and further your leadership abilities. Achieve your potential with the help of the Teen Leadership Training Program.

State Contests

State Contests in Logan are just a lot of fun. Members must have completed 9th grade in order to attend State Contests. There are many different areas in which one can compete at the state level. Some of these activities are team activities and some are individual contests. Either way, there are a lot of fun activities in addition to the contests.

For more information about any of these activities please contact us at 435-636-3233 or email