Utah Wellbeing Project

This project gathers personal and community wellbeing perspectives across Utah cities to inform city leaders and their general planning process.

Utah communities are changing rapidly. Keeping a finger on the pulse of residents’ wellbeing and attitudes about community issues helps to promote sound planning and decision making to support the overall quality of life in Utah’s cities and towns. The Utah Wellbeing Survey tracks demographic characteristics for transparency on the representativeness of survey participants and varying insights within communities.

Nearly 6,500 surveys have been collected to date across 25 Utah cities. Reports have been shared with city leaders and planners. 

For more information about the project or if would like your city to be included in upcoming survey efforts in 2021, please contact: Dr. Courtney Flint - courtney.flint@usu.edu or (435) 797-8635.

Utah Wellbeing Project

2020 Statewide Reports & Information

2020 Survey Cities and Reports

2019 Executive Summary Reports

2019 Wellbeing City Reports

To better understand individual and community wellbeing in Utah, Dr. Courtney Flint and her students conducted public-intercept iPad surveys in 16 cities in Summer 2019. Surveys were conducted at a combination of venues including: grocery stores, Wal-Mart stores, city offices, libraries, and public events. 

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2019 Wellbeing County Reports

Please see the reports here for information on 2019 survey findings from individuals in these nine Utah counties.

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Dr. Courtney Flint

Community Resource Specialist
Professor of Natural Resource Sociology

(435) 797-8635