4-H Awards and Recognition 2022

In Box Elder County 4-H we recognize members of our youth development community who have accomplished special achievements and go the extra mile to make positive learning experiences for 4-H members in our county. We invite you to read the bios below and join us in thanking our community members by sharing their stories. October 4th-9th we will be spotlighting each recipient.

Family of the year
Family Of The Year: The Ormonds
The Ormond Family has been a part of the Box Elder County 4-H program since 2011. Clint and Deni do their best to jump in and help where needed, including bringing their tractor and rake to the horse shows to groom the arenas for the speed events. Deni has also served on the county and state horse committees for multiple years, and has been a great state representative by doing her best to make sure that our county receives all of the information needed from the state. They have sacrificed a lot of time for the horse program in our county to run efficiently. After their oldest daughter Shauntay graduated she came back to the county and served as the education chair on the County Horse Committee. We would like to thank the Ormond’s for their multiple years of service and dedication to this program.


Friend of 4-H : The Fairgrounds Crew
The Box Elder County Fairgrounds is run by some of the most amazing people who include : Jan Rhodes, Amy Adams, Reno Gibbs, Dan Fowers, Travis Udy, and Al Firth.  These five people, combined, share the sole responsibilities of preparing the fairgrounds for all 4-H events.  They accommodate our needs when we need to change things up at the last minute.  They are always very willing to change venues when the weather does not comply. Jan also helps coordinate the carcass contest funds from the fair monies and the ice cream for the Junior Livestock Meeting at the fair.  We would like to thank these people for their hard work and for their dedication to helping all the Box Elder County 4-H events run as smoothly as possible.

Club of the Year: Lamb Chops Club
The Lamb Chops club is run by 4-H Volunteers Bob and Andrea Kosbob. Together they continually support 4-H youth in and outside of their club. They no longer have children participating in 4-H, but they continue to provide an environment for positive youth development. In addition to running a 4-H club the Kosbobs provide prizes for showmanship. Some of the club highlights include scavenger hunts, club clinics, shearing, and 4-H education. Those who nominated them said it best “ Our leaders encourage us all to work together. They have us watch after each other and teach us teamwork”. The youth in this club have learned this indeed, and it shows. This year the club was especially generous in helping each other through the show season. Congratulations to the youth and leaders alike, we are proud to award the Lamb Chops Club with the 4-H Club of the Year Award.

Member of the Year: Enyssa Clark
Enyssa Clark has demonstrated outstanding character since her involvement in 4-H began. As a long time member of Box Elder 4-H she has participated in several 4-H programs from S.T.E.M. to Western Horse and leadership too. Enyssa always brings a smile and a willing attitude. Contributing to the teams around her is one of her greatest skills. When help is needed she is the first to volunteer, and the last to leave. The support of her family and friends is mutual and has maximized her 4-H involvement. We are lucky to have a friend in Enyssa and are proud to award her with the award of the 4-H Member of the Year.

Outsanding Leader: Melanie Francis

Acting as both a club leader and a county leader for the Teen Council Melanie gives so much of her time to the Box Elder 4-H programs. Melanie took over the Teen Council Advisor position 2 years ago providing structured leadership opportunities to youth through service projects, planning events, and teaching them responsibility. When help is needed, she has always stepped up. To name a few places she has shined this year, she helped in the Cook Shack, lined up classes for the stock show, and is judging 4-H Portfolios for the county contest. The amount of time she spends giving to our programs is unmeasurable. We are grateful for her willing attitude and her “get it done” way that is alway accompanied with a smile. She is an example to all as this year’s Outstanding Leader of the Year.

Volunteer of the Year: Jessica Adams
Stepping in as the secretary for the Box Elder Junior Livestock Show means coordinating and organizing opportunities for hundreds of 4-H members in Box Elder County. For 4 years Jessica Adams has been at the helm of the ship, answering and sending emails, taking phone calls, helping youth register, submitting portfolios, contacting species directors, generating class and sales lists, and so much more! The many who nominated her for this award said it best when they wrote “She deserves great recognition for all her efforts. She is always cheery and has a get it done attitude”. As a volunteer Jessica has served the 4-H program in many ways, and the most impactful may just be the way that she served cheerfully as an example to adults and youth alike. This position is more like a full time job, and we are so grateful for the time she has committed to make the best better.

Inspiring Leader: Tori Howe

Tori is the most kind hearted individual around. She is always willing to jump in and help wherever she can, and has taken on the responsibility of running a very well organized goat group of around 30 kids. Her and her family have a goat breeding program that they run and help furnish kids in her club with their project animals for the year. Tori and her family aren’t all about goats either, she does a fantastic job getting her kids well rounded in all parts of 4-H by supporting them in their many ways of being involved. She has passed on her willingness to help onto her own kids, they all spent a good portion of their day helping during judging day for the indoor exhibits this year.. We would like to thank Tori for her multiple years of being an outstanding leader and giving back to 4-H and our community.   

Community Service Award: Teen Council

The Teen Council has been very busy this year doing service. Here are some of the amazing areas where they help:  

Toy drive for Christmas,Random Acts of Kindness at Kent’s,Decoration for Our House St. Patrick day dinner ,Fairgrounds clean up,Farm Field days, Cook Shack at the Fair, Indoor set up  and judging clover buds items at the fair. They have put in many hours of service throughout the year. Thank you for your example and your service to Box Elder County!

4-H Alumni of the Year: Donna & Shauna
Donna Andrews: Serving in the Administrative Assistant capacity Donna has been the cool, calm, and collected voice of USU Extension - Box Elder County for a quarter of a century. Seeing the office through transitions of all kinds of staff. During her quarter century she has been vital to so many programs. From the County Fair to the Turkey Show, the Wool Pool to managing our office supplies she has done it all. Donna has a way of connecting with the community she serves, and taking care of those within the Box Elder 4-H Programs. Congratulations on being the 2022 4-H Alumni of the year.
Shauna Petersen: Shauna worked in the Extension office for multiple years, and was the go to person for the 4-H and more. She helped the BEJL in their early years, she would write checks, keep track of records books, and boosts by hand. Her and her husband Jan have a fantastic garden where they grow some of the best vegetables around. Since retiring she has continued to be apart of the 4-H program by running her own 4-H club. She still continues to help check in items at the indoor exhibit at the fair, and volunteers in the buyer # trailer as well. She helped organize and continues to facilitate Grandmas Cottage which is an organization that does self reliance, food, and home preservation classes. We are all so thankful for the opportunity we have had to work with Shauna, and would like to congratulate her on being the 2022 4-H Alumni of the year.