Parent Online Resources

As parents and guardians, you play important roles and have large influences on your youth. Here is an accumulation of great resources on e-cigarettes to gain a better understanding of e-cigarette devices and this current youth epidemic. We also have provided resources for recovery.

CATCH My Breath | Parent Tool Kit
  • 4 Fast Facts on the Vaping Epidemic
  • Is your child at risk of trying e-cigarettes?
  • Checking-In: An Effective Way to Support your Child
  • Spot 6 signs that they might be vaping
  • How to Talk to your Child about Smoking & Vaping

CDC Website
E-Cigarettes: Talk to Youth About the Risks  

Full Resource Recovery Booklet
  • Emergency Resources
  • Suicide Prevention Resources
  • Medication Disposal Drop Boxes
  • Counseling and Social Work
  • Medication-assisted Treatment and Harm Reduction Resources
  • Alternative Pain Management 
  • Recovery Resources
  • Healthcare and Family Resources


County Specific Resources