Open Ride Rules & Guidelines

Arena Use

Riders may use arenas that are available for Open Ride dependent on event activity. Open Ride schedules are posted on our Facebook page, or you may call 385-468-1600 or email us at The office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Call for schedules of reduced hours on these days: Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, Easter, Independence Day and Pioneer Day. Closed on New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Every person must have a riding pass. If you board your horse at the Park, the riding pass is $10/month. Please note, we do not rent horses, nor do we offer riding lessons.

The public may use arenas during Open Ride times. Patrons must display a riding pass.

Rules & Guidelines

Open Ride Rules

  • If you are bringing your horse to the Park to use Park Amenities, you must have an Open Ride Pass. Passes are sold per rider/handler. Pass holders must present their pass if asked by a Park Employee.
  • Open Ride Arenas will be watered and worked, depending on weather, schedules, and staffing availability.
  • If you are attending an event that has reserved space at the Park, you may only use arenas designated to that event during scheduled times. If you wish to use amenities that are not reserved to your event, you must purchase an Open Ride Pass.

Facility Use Rules

    Animals shall not be turned out in arenas at any time. Turn-out in round pens is limited to 30 minutes and animals must be attended the entire time.
  • No feeding animals in arenas or round pens.
  • No tying horses to any green panels, stall fronts, or barn structures within the Park. You may tie them to white railing along the Indoor Arena, designated hitching rails around the Park, or your own horse trailer
  • No barrels, poles, or any other activity that requires a large amount of space, interrupting other handlers’ use of the facility is permitted in riding spaces, other than Arenas 5 & 4 during Open Ride.
  • No horses or handlers are allowed in arenas while arenas are being worked or when heavy equipment is in use for arena maintenance. All Park users must leave when asked to by Park employees.
  • You are responsible for your animals, children, guests, invitees, any damage or injury caused by them or you while visiting the Park.
  • Children are not permitted to run in the Indoor Arena, climb up or down bleachers, swing or climb on gates, panels, railings, chutes, or trees.
  • No bike riding, rollerblading, skating or scooters allowed in the Indoor Arena or at exit/entrance doors.
  • All Park users must vacate arenas when their scheduled time for Open Ride or an event reservation is over.
  • SLCo-Ordinance-Title 13, Section 13.04 285 & 286 – Prohibits smoking within the Park, excluding the parking lot.
  • SLCo-Ordinance-Title 13, Section 13.04 100 & 300 – Dogs must be on a leash at all times, within the Park and cannot be in the Indoor Arena.
  • No outside alcohol or beer is permitted inside the Park at any time.
  • Park in designated areas. No parking at any gate or entrance to any area, and no blocking important fire-access lanes across the Park.