Reserve a Stall and/or Amenities

The Bastian Agricultural Center Equestrian Facility offers overnight accommodations and monthly stall rentals. Both are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. We also offer many other amenities such as tack rooms, hay storage, and paddocks.

Monthly Boarding Options (Stalls/Tack Room/Hay/Shavings)

Monthly Boarding (Stalls/Tack Room/Hay/Shavings)
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Monthly Boarding Options (Trailer Storage, Open Paddocks, Runs, Walker Spaces)

Monthly Boarding (Trailer Storage, Open Paddocks, Runs, Walker)
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Manure Sales

Manure Sales:
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What Next?

After purchasing a boarding stall and/or amenities please review all our polices, regulations, and services.

Contact us to schedule a time to claim a stall and any other purchased amenities.

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Open Ride Passes

To purchase a open ride pass to excersise your horse please see our open ride information and rates.