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Project Overview


As more and more of Utah’s agricultural land is converted to commercial and residential developments, one family has committed to honoring and preserving the state’s farming past, present, and future. The Bastian family, in concert with Utah State University, has founded the Bastian Agricultural Center, a campus dedicated to educating the public about contemporary agriculture and inspiring future generations of producers through both structured programs and interpretive experiences open to the public.

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Primary Goals and Focus of the USU Bastian Agricultural Center


The primary goals and focus of the USU Bastian Agricultural Center will be to:

Provide agricultural education and experiences to an increasingly urban population
Promote youth education through the only youth 4-H center in Utah
Deliver community-based adult education
Provide research-based information to local government, community organizers, constituents and corporate leaders
Share the most recent agricultural knowledge, technologies, and manufacturing methods
Further research and development to discover better products and processes

Benefits to Salt Lake County and Beyond

  • Increase usership by the local community in facilities and opportunities at the site
  • Increase in educational programming and opportunities designed to improve the lives of Salt Lake County residents
  • Increase recreational opportunities for residents in an urban area
  • A commitment to continue to work with and serve the equestrian community in Salt Lake County while broadening the reach of the facilities to serve additional residents
  • A commitment from Utah State University and the Bastian Family Foundation to support the facility long term
  • Partnership in and a reduced timeline for the development of a multimillion-dollar facility and resource in Salt Lake County
  • A commitment to protect portions of the Equestrian Park and Event Center as open space