Sheep Weight Calculator

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Predicted Fair Weight Calculator

Use this calculator to predict a sheep's final weight for your Junior Livestock Show.

How it works

The number of days until the fair are multiplied by the average daily weight gain and then added to the animal's current weight.


(Days until the fair [60 days] x average gain [.6 lbs/day]) + current weight [120 lbs] = Predicted Weight [156 lbs]

Predicted Weight =

Average Daily Gain (ADG) Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate a sheep's daily gain.

How it works

The animal's beginning weight is subtracted from its current weight. The difference in weight is divided by the number of days that occurred between weights.


(Current weight [120 lbs] – beginning weight [90 lbs]) / days [50] = .6 lbs/dayCurrent Weight:

Average Daily Gain (ADG) =

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