Water Week Tips

    Water Week Tips

    Riparian areaDay 1

    Areas along stream banks where plants grow are called riparian areas and are super important to both the quality of the water and the quality of life for the organisms living in that water. Protect these areas by avoiding activities that erode the soils used by plants along stream banks.

    Stormwater runoff


    Day 2

    Limit pavement as much as possible on your property to allow more storm water to seep into the ground rather than become runoff.



    Pick up dog wasteDay 3

    Protect your local water quality by picking up waste from your pet and properly disposing of it before it gets into your water.

    Driveway runoffDay 4

    Some simple things you can do at home to protect your water quality are use non-toxic household chemicals and catch vehicle leaks on a cloth so it does not run down the driveway into a storm drain.

    Green landscaping

    Day 5

    Much of Utah’s water goes towards watering high-water use lawns and plants. Consider swapping out some high-water use plants with some native Utah plants that require less water.


    Yuba ReservoirDay 6

    A simple way to conserve drinkable water is turn the sink off while you brush your teeth. While locally water levels fluctuate from year to year, we have only a finite amount of clean water for consumption. Every little bit can help.

    PharmaceudicalsDay 7

    Don’t flush your unwanted medicine down the toilet. This puts it right into the water system and can have negative consequences on fish and even human health. Instead, drop them off at an Rx drug drop box or just remove the label and put them in the trash.