Become a Utah Saver!

Become a Utah Saver! 

Enroll and receive a free piggy bank and enter a drawing for some fun prizes! (You must click on both "enroll" and then "enter a drawing" to complete enrollment and entering drawing.)

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Garfield County Utah Savers:

Over ninety five Strong and planning to save $4,500 per month!


Celebrate Utah Saves Week!
Sunday or Monday- Take the Financial Quiz at  
Tuesday Challenge- Order your free credit score at or by calling toll free 1-877-322-8228.
Wednesday Challenge - Join Commit to a savings or debt reduction goal.
Take the savings pledge with one or more of the following actions:
1. Open a savings account for yourself or children
2. Add to your savings account for
a. Emergencies
b. Future major purchases.
3. Open a college savings account
4. Invest in a retirement account.
Thursday Challenge - Sign up for free budgeting classes (online or local) or do a Financial check-up by getting financially organized and write a budget or create a spending plan you can live with.
Friday Challenge - The candy bar factor. Track every one of your expenses for one day and write them in a notebook.
Weekend - Family Finance Weekend. Have a financial conversation with your family about money. Identify one financial behavior that you will change.
And/Or sign up as a Utah Saver and receive a piggy bank or calculator. If you are already a Utah Saver, you can re-commit as a saver. 
Helpful links:
  • Imagine a Happier You, created by Deseret Management Corporation, which features useful financial information for women.
  • Finance in the Classroom, created by the Utah State Office of Education, UEN, Utah State University Extension and Jump$tart, is loaded with high-quality materials for parents and teachers to use in educating children about money matters.
  • Utah Saves, a helpful resource for realizing savings goals.
  • Believe in Your Future, a new website created by the State Treasurer and the collaborative efforts of the Utah Council on Financial and Economic Education. Through this trusted portal people can access financial materials on a wide variety of topics, and information from local businesses and nonprofits organizations.