About Us

    About Us

    Youth Can Cook logoThe Youth Can Cook program is a multi-tiered life skills and job-readiness program. Eligible youth will be provided with food-related education, healthy relationship tips and be connected to career opportunities, by completing the Food Safety Manager Certification and through a paid internship.   

    The program will begin with a family cooking class, where youth and their parents/guardians will engage in hands-on cooking and nutrition classes. Youth will then have the privilege and opportunity to complete the Food Safety Manager Certification (FSMC) free of cost to the youth. This training is recognized by the State of Utah Health Department and will help make each student a more desirable candidate for any job in the culinary field. Upon successful completion of cooking, food preservation programs, and the FSMC course, youth will have the opportunity to participate in a paid work experience internship. Students will be paired one- on-one with USU Extension Nutrition Education Assistants and Master Food Preserver Volunteers to work with a variety of food education programs in their communities. The Youth Can Cook Program will be conducting voluntary research. Program participants will complete surveys before and after they participate in the Youth Can Cook Program. This research is to help improve the training and education provided for youth like yourself to further the YCC program.

    Youth Can Cook Topics:

    • Cooking
    • Basic nutrition
    • Meal preparation
    • Importance of family mealtime
    • Budgeting
    • Food safety
    • Home food preservation
    • Basic food science
    • Importance of physical activity
    • Basic chef class, including kitchen knife skills
    • Reading and converting recipes
    • Job experience working as an apprentice
    • Job readiness skills such as professionalism, communication and customer service
    • Healthy relationships
    • Preparing financially for school or further job training and entrepreneurship

    Requirement To Attend Youth Can Cook

    Only one factor is required to qualify:

    • Medicaid
    • Food Stamps (SNAP benefits, EBT)
    • Free and Reduced Lunch
    • Live in a single parent home
    • Live in foster care
    • Live with at least one parent that does not have a high school diploma