Brussels Sprouts


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    Brussels Sprouts


    Brussels sprouts are a cool season vegetable that can be planted in spring and fall. Brussels sprouts are high in vitamin C, a source of thiamine, iron, calcium, and fiber, and are low in calories. 

    Growing Brussels Sprouts


    Varieties that have excellent production, eating quality and storage potential include:

    • Long Island Improved (90 days)
    • Prince Marvel (100 days)
    • Jade Cross (100 days)

    Soil Preparation:

    Brussels sprouts prefer fertile, well drained soil rich in organic matter for best growth. Most soils in Utah are suitable for Brussels sprouts production. Before planting, incorporate up to 2-4 inches of well composted organic matter and apply 4-6 cups of all-purpose fertilizer (16-16-8 or 10-10-10) per 100 square feet. 

    More Information on Soil Preparation

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