Horehound is a member of the mint family that enjoys well drained soils and full sun.  To learn more about horehound, click here.

Silver and Spanish horehound are common varieties.  Either have different flowers and both grow well.


Soil preparation: Horehound enjoys poor, dry and neglected soils.  It does best in sandy, well drained soil.  Before planting till the soil and do not enrich the soil.  To learn more about soil preparation, click here.


  • Horehound can be planted as seeds or cuttings in the early spring.
  • Seeds should be sown ¼ inch deep, roughly 3 weeks before the frost free date.  To see the average frost date, click here.
  • Once seedlings begin to emerge, thin to 10 inches apart.
  • For cuttings, space one foot apart.

Irrigation: Water no more than one time per week allowing the soil to dry between irrigations, this plant is very drought tolerant.  To learn more about irrigation, click here.

Fertilization: Apply an all-purpose fertilizer in the early spring to encourage growth.  Add additional nitrogen after harvest to encourage new leaf growth. For more information on fertilization, click here.  

COMMON PESTS AND DISEASES: Horehound is not susceptible to many diseases or insect problems.  Rather horehound can be invasive to your garden, consider planting in separate containers or cultivate regularly. To learn more about pests and diseases, click here.