Cucumbers are a cool season vegetable that prefers sunny locations and fertile, well-drained soil.  For more information on cucumbers, 

VARIETIES: Marketmore, Spacemaster and Sweet Success are excellent cucumber varieties that grow well in Utah. 


Soil Preparation:

Before planting, incorporate up to 4 inches of well-composted organic matter.  Apply 4 to 6 cups of all purpose fertilizer per 100 square feet and work it into the soil before planting.  For more information on soil preparation, click here.


  • Cucumbers should be planted when soils are 65°F or when all frost danger has passed.
  • Plant four to six seeds every 12 to 18 inches in rows 4 feet apart.
  • After they have two leaves, thin to two plants per location.
  • Transplants should be planted 2 feet apart in a row with rows 4 feet apart.

IrrigationWater cucumbers deeply, applying 1 to 2 inches per week depending on plant size.  Organic or plastic mulch around the plant will conserve soil moisture and reduce weed growth.  Irrigation is encouraged to avoid plant stress and a bitter flavor in the fruits.  For more information on watering, click here

Fertilization:  After the vines develop runners, side dress with a nitrogen fertilizer using ¼ cup per 10 feet of row.  Side dress before plants start to flower.  For more information on fertilizing, click here

Harvest:  Cucumbers are ready to harvest five to seven days after flowering.  Do not let fruits get too large as flavor decreases with age, seeds mature and the skin toughens.  Handle cucumbers carefully as they bruise easily.  Pick regularly to encourage continual production.  Cucumbers can be stored for 10 to 14 days at 55°F. 

COMMON PESTS AND DISEASES: Aphids, cucumber beetles and wilt diseases are common pests of cucumbers. Appropriate insecticides, proper watering and removal of damaged plants are the best ways to treat these problems. For more information on controlling pests and diseases, click here


How to Build Tomato and Cucumber Trellises

Cucumber Trellising in High Tunnels Phase 1:

Cucumber Trellising in High Tunnels Phase 2:

Cucumber Trellising in High Tunnels Phase 3: