Cilantro/Coriander is a wonderful plant that grows well and provides a great herb.  To learn more about cilantro/coriander click here.

VARIETIES: Costa Rica, California Long Standing, Leisure, Lemon, Delfino, Moroccan and Slow Bolting are wonderful varieties.  Select the verities you want to plant after deciding what the purpose of the plant will be. 


Soil preparation: Choose a planting bed that has moderately fertile loam or sandy soil.  Before plating add 2-4 inches of organic matter for best results.  To learn more about soil preparation, click here.


  • Plant seeds in a sunny, dry location.
  • Begin planting in early spring
  • Place seeds ½ inch deep
  • Space seeds 8-10 inches apart and place rows 15 inches apart.

Irrigation: Water young plants regularly, once plants are established they need little water.  Avoid over watering, to learn more about irrigation, click here.

Fertilization: Fertilize once or twice during the growing season by adding ¼ cup of nitrogen based fertilizer.  To learn more about fertilization, click here.

Harvest: Harvest cilantro when leaves are about 4-6 inches tall.  Use fresh or store either by freezing or drying.  To harvest coriander let plants grow until the seeds form in late summer or early fall.  When plants begin to brown, cut of seed heads.  

COMMON PESTS AND DISEASES: Aster’s Yellow Disease and Damping Off or Seedling Rot are common diseases.  Leafhoppers are common insects that affect the plants.  To learn more about pests and diseases, click here.