Black salsify is a cool season crop grown primarily for its long, brown-black roots.  To learn more about black salsify, click here.


Soil preparation: Choose soil for planting that has a fine texture and has well drained soils.  Add an additional 4 to 6 cups of all-purpose fertilizer to enhance growth. To learn more about soil preparation, click here.


  • Begin sowing seeds as soon as the soil can be worked. 
  • Plant seeds ½ inch deep.
  • Place rows 10-15 inches apart.

Irrigation: This root prefers a regular supply of water, irrigate with 1-2 inches of water per week.  To learn more about irrigation, click here.

Fertilizer: Apply ½ cup of nitrogen based fertilizer to plants in the mid-summer.  To learn more about fertilizing, click here.

Harvest: Salsify roots are resistant; they will not be damaged by freezing.  Roots can be dug and stored or left in the garden until needed.   Store salsify at 32°F and 95-98% humidity.  High humidity will keep the roots from shriveling.