Asparagus is a long-lived perennial vegetable mainly harvested in the spring. For more information about growing asparagus, click here. 

VARIETIES:  Jersey Giant, Jersey Knight, UC 157 F1 and Purple Passion perform well in Utah.


Soil Preparation:

Before planting, control all perennial weeds and incorporate organic matter along with high-phosphate fertilizer. For more information on soil preparation, click here. 


  • Asparagus can be grown from seed or crowns. Seeds should be started indoors in January.
  • Plant asparagus crowns or transplants in April in trenches 8 inches deep, with rows spaced 3-4 feet apart. Cover the plants with 2 inches of soil and gradually add more soil throughout the growing season.
  • For a diagram and explanation of planting asparagus, click here


Irrigation: Asparagus prefers frequent watering the first 2 years, about 1-2 inches per week. Reduce watering to every 2-3 weeks after 4 years. For more information on watering, click here


Fertilization: Asparagus requires applications of a nitrogen-based fertilizer after harvesting. For more information on fertilizing, click here.  

Harvest: Begin harvesting asparagus the spring 2 years after planting. Cut when 9 inches tall. Harvest for 4 weeks the first year and 6-8 weeks in the following years.