Artichokes are usually grown as an annual in colder areas of Utah.  However, in warmer areas with protection, it may survive as a biennial or a short lived perennial.  For more information about growing artichokes, click here.

VARIETIES:  Imperial Star and Green Globe varieties perform well in Utah.


Soil Preparation:

Before planting, incorporate organic matter and all-purpose fertilizer. For more information on soil preparation, click here. 


  • Artichokes can be grown from seed or transplants. Seeds should be started indoors in January.
  • Transplants may be planted 3-4 weeks before the last frost-free date.
  • For more information on frost dates, click here.


Irrigation: Artichokes prefer frequent watering, about 1-2 inches per week. For more information on watering, click here.

Fertilization: Artichokes require applications of 2-4 tablespoons of nitrogen-based fertilizer every 4 weeks after transplanting. For more information on fertilizing, click here.


Harvest: Begin harvesting artichokes in late July/August, continuing until the fall frost. Cut flower bud within 2-3 inches of the stem.


COMMON PESTS AND DISEASES: Aphids are common pests. Watch for root-rot diseases and viruses.  For more information on controlling pests and diseases, click here