Soil Testing

Soil Testing is an important part of a successful yard or garden. This section outlines the basic steps needed to get your soil tested.

How To Get Your Soil Tested:

  1. Fill out the form that is required to get your soil tested and also provides information on how to correctly test your soil. Click here for the correct form.
    • You must pay for the soil sample test at sample submission. If you are mailing in your samples, include check or credit card information, and state the payment type at the bottom of the form listed above.

Taking Your Samples:

  1. If you are testing your lawn or garden you will need to take 5-10 samples from various areas in your lawn or garden. To take samples, use your shovel to get the soil from the entire depth. Put this sample in a ziplock bag. To see a diagram of this process, click here
  2. Continue to do this throughout various locations around your yard or garden. Combine all the samples into one bag and mix together.
  3. Put your soil samples in a ziplock bag or soil sample box, that your can pick up from your local County Extension office. To find an office near you, click here.

Sending Soils To Testing Lab:

  1. You can send your samples via US Mail, UPS, FedEX, etc. Our address is:

                                   4830 Old Main Hill AGS 168
                                   Logan, Utah 84322-4830

  2. Or you can bring your soil samples directly to us in the Ag Science Building on campus. To find the Ag Science building on campus, click here.

Your Soil Results:

  1. Your test results will take about 5-10 working days.
  2. Once you get your results back you can follow this guide to understand the results.
  3. If your soil is in need of additional help, click here to learn more about solving problems

Additional Questions?

  1. If you have questions about this process or need additional help, please visit: