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    Grapes can be grown in most soils, but prefer good drainage. Purchase and plant grapes in full sun in the spring, spacing them 8 to 10 feet apart in a well prepared hole.

    Growing Grapes


    Juice varieties that do well in our area include:

    • Concord- most popular juice and jelly standard, blue black color
    • Campbell's Early
    • Fredonia- use as juice and jelly, produces ahead of concord, blue black color
    • Niagara- falsely called White Concord, good flavor

    Seedless table grapes include:

    • Suffolk Red- large table grape with excellent flavor
    • Interlaken- very early producing, berries tend to drop early, white color, make good raisins
    • Himrod- early producing with less clusters, white color
    • Lakemont- produce later than Himrod, white color
    • Venus- large and early producing, excellent quality, black color

    Grape Varieties for Utah

    Soil Preparation:

    Grapes can be grown in most soils, but prefer well-drained soils. If planting into clay soil, incorporate copious amounts of organic matter before planting. Grapes do best when planted in full sun, preferably with a southern exposure. Remove or control perennial weeds before planting. It is best to plant in early spring to allow time for plants to get established before the heat of summer. Grapes are most productive when a weed free area at least four feet wide is maintained under the trellis.

    More Information on Soil Preparation

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