How To Register For The Master Gardener Program


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    How To Register For The Master Gardener Program

    As a community course (not for credit), the USU Master Gardener Class is taught once a year in Weber County beginning in January/February and runs 13 weeks. The Weber County USU Extension Calendar will also have information on the next class when it is available.


    Registration opens in November.  Registration date and details will be available after November. There are 30 spots available in this course.  Applicants may also apply for the Larry Sagers Master Gardener Scholarship, but must also register for the class to hold their spot.  

    Potential Master Gardener students can request to be put on the next year's interest list by contacting the Weber County USU Extension Office at 801-399-8201. 


    Applicants to the course attend Orientation held at the Weber County USU Extension Office, 1181 North Fairgrounds Drive, Ogden, in January.  Orientation consists of a question and answer session, distribution of any materials, and clarification of course background and content.: 

    FEE:  $235/person  (Covers our costs, course supplies and materials, access to the Master Gardener Handbook, Power Point presentations, fact sheets) and includes a complimentary Botanical Gardens Membership for you.

    PAYMENT:  With online registration via credit card (VISA, Master Card, Discover)

    Questions:  Call 801-399-8201.



    Students are awarded a Master Gardener Certificate after completing the course requirements*. Certification is an indication that the individual has received accurate, applicable, up-to-date information and training, plus used their knowledge and experience to improve their skills while providing community service. It is an excellent qualification when applying for employment in the horticulture field.

    *Certification Requirements:  The course must be completed by attending the classes, answering and turning in the assigned worksheets, and performing 40 hours of community service using Master Gardener skills. Students missing more than 2 classes or failing to turn in 2 or more worksheets are asked to withdraw from the course, and may reapply the following year. At least 20 of the 40 hours of community service is completed at the Ogden Botanical Gardens. Many service opportunities are available throughout the year; individuals may also receive approval for their own community service project through the Course Director.  Note: Community service must benefit a community organization or group, not an individual.