4-H Clubs

4-H is for all youth age 5-18. Youth ages 5-7 have a unique opportunity to attend a club called Cloverbuds. This club is designed to teach younger youth about a a variety of 4-H project areas.

We have community clubs in robotics, livestock, horse, cooking and sewing. These clubs focus on these specific project areas and can help youth prepare and enter projects into the county and state fairs. Many of our clubs are run by families, where the parents are the leaders and the children are the club members. This creates a unique opportunity for families in a neighborhood to get together and have clubs in a variety of places around Weber County. This allows for more flexibility in club location.

Our clubs meet in a variety of places across Weber County, from, the Weber County USU Extension Office, leader homes, local feed stores, to arenas. These meeting locations are designated by club leaders when they create their club. To allow more flexibility in joining 4-H clubs, meeting times for every club vary widely according to project area. Some clubs will meet once a month, whereas others will meet weekly or even nightly. This is also determined by the club leader and members.

4-H clubs have to be chartered through the state. So what does this mean? Clubs that are chartered are following a specific set of local 4-H policy and procedure as well as policies set forth by Utah State University.

Joining a 4-H Club-Youth

To enroll and join in on the fun, you can enroll at https://4h.zsuite.org! This enrollment system has you create a household account first and then add members of that household after, whom you are enrolling in 4-H. (If you have more than one youth in 4-H this is helpful so you can see their profiles separately within your household.)

Once you have filled out the demographic information and signed a waiver you will be able to choose your club!
If you know which club you are wanting to join you will be able to easily select it from the drop-down list provided.
If you aren't exactly sure what club you want to join, that's okay! You can click the Clubs button to the left to find all of our active clubs and club leader information! You can also give our office a call at 801-399-8202. We can explain what project areas our clubs are working on and give some information that might help determine what club fits your youths interests. We can also give you the leaders contact info so you can ask them more specific questions before joining.

All enrollments are looked over by a USU Weber County 4-H staff member before being approved. If there are any questions we will contact you.

How to Enroll in ZSuite: https://extension.usu.edu/utah4h/zsuite

What Does it Cost?

This is the best news of all! The annual enrollment fee for Weber County 4-H is only $10. This annual enrollment fee is paid online through ZSuite when you enroll. If your youth will be joining a club such as: 4-H horse, robotics, sewing, Cloverbuds, and shooting club, there is a seperate project fee. These fees help cover activity costs and other club needs for the year. These fees also make it so club members are also eligible to participate in all of the county 4-H contests offered for their grade division (nearly 20 events) and can exhibit in the Weber County Fair.

If your club requires this seperate project fee, a member of the Weber County 4-H staff will contact you when they are reviewing your youths enrollment to arrange payment. As of right now, this project fee can be paid via phone or in person at our office.

Members are also responsible for the expenses associated with the projects they select. These expenses range widely depending on the project. For example, owning and showing a horse would be a much more expensive project than a sewing project.

Club activities are usually covered by money-making projects conducted by the club or by each member contributing money toward the cost of project supplies and/or providing some of the project supplies. Some clubs charge dues to cover the costs of project supplies and club activities.

If you have any questions regarding enrolling youth in 4-H, you can contact our office at 801-399-8202.