News - November 24, 2009

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On November 24th 2009 Wayne County 4-H Health Rocks leaders and program teamed-up with and Wayne High School Sterling Scholars to bring the Heath Rocks program to 4th and 5th grade students. The teen-leaders lead activities teaching elementary school youth preventative skills such as ways to work with stress, positive methods for expressing emotions,  tools for saying no to drugs/alcohol, and ideas for healthy activities and fun.

Teen-leaders Amber Cook and Victoria Sorenson followed these activities by discussing the ramifications of poor choices -- such as tobacco and drug use -- using stuffed animals as an example. 4th and 5th grade youth were then given a personal stuffed animal to put the “healthy” stuffing into and take home as a reminder. The youth also signed pledge committing to abstinence from tobacco and drug use.

The 2008-2009 4-H Health Rocks program adult leader was Paige Cook, with Amber Cook and Victoria Sorenson serving as the program’s teen leaders. Thanks to the three of them for volunteering their time for training and for the hard work executing the program in Wayne County the past year! Many thanks to the following Sterling Scholars who used their strong leadership skills making this event possible:  Karina Petty, Taylor Robins, Cason Chappell, Amanda Grundy, Chloe Garcia, Jameson Pace, Kamrynn Stringham, Tyree Davis, Susan Hamilton, Colin Anderson, and Addyson Reynolds.

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