News - November 8, 2010

video4-H Youth Win National Science Video Competition

Congratulations to the Wayne County 4-H team that created the winning video in the National 4-H Competition in the area of Science, Engineering and Technology, or SET. Team members are 4-H youth Megan Deffert, Brayden Lawton, Barlow Pace, and 4-H adult leaders Annette Lamb and Lisa Lewis.

The video titled SET Made FUN describes the 4-H SET program and how it is executed through the SET Squad Model created in Wayne County. It highlights an activity that teaches the science behind the exploding Mentos and Coke experiment. The video shows footage that was compiled at community 4-H SET Squad Family Fun Nights, and at SET Afterschool activities.  The video then documents the process and outcome of the Mentos and Coke powered car designed and constructed by Barlow Pace and Brayden Lawton, with the help of Megan Deffert and Lisa Lewis. Annette Lamb and Megan Deffert worked together on the video and audio production and editing. Braden and Barlow submitted the winning entry in the local 4-H contest to build a vehicle powered by Mentos and Coke.

View the video on you tube at:

Read about the award and watch the video in the Richfield Reaper.


Contact the Wayne County Extension office for more information at 435.836.1312.

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