News - October 8, 2010

4-H Family Night4-H SET Squad Family Evening and Heritage Starfest

Wayne County 4-H teamed with the local Heritage Starfest committee to host the first annual astronomy event.

The 4-H youth and their families participated in activities Friday evening October 8. Many families also joined in the Saturday activities at Lyman town park.

The festival began with the regularly scheduled 4-H SET Squad Family Evening event at the Loa Civic Center. The event featured the SKYLAB portable planetarium, along with engaging astronomy activities for families including a star challenge, star chart, astronomy art activity, flashlight covers, illuminations, and other exciting activities. Learn more about these activities.

4-H Family Night4-H Family Night4-H Family Night4-H Family Night

Next, family re-convened at the Lyman Park for a Night Walk/Run/Bike activity that included a star map and stations exploring specific constellations.

Some families joined the events on Saturday including an afternoon movie titled 400 Years of the Telescope, afternoon educational activities, storytelling, and night sky viewing including many telescopes.

4-H Family Night4-H Family Night4-H Family Night4-H Family Night

4-H Family Night4-H Family Night4-H Family Night

Learn more about the Heritage Starfest. We hope to see you for next year's events!