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    Kids Links

    Below are links to agencies and companies with activities and educational material for students and teachers to learn about water, water quality, and environmental health.

    • Discover Water - Project WET's interactive kid site featuring games, stories, videos, print coloring pages, and more.
    • EPA Kids Page - Projects, art, and experiments to get kids involved in environmental protection.
    • Enchanted Learning - Educational activities and materials in science that emphasizes creativity.
    • Water Quiz 1 - How much water goes into making different things?
    • Aqua Venturer: Water Timeline - Learn water's story throughout history (and into the future), and its importance for life on Earth through an interactive timeline.
    • Students for the Environment - Resources for students and parents for homework help, games and activities and ways to get involved with the environment.
    • School Yard Habitats - Help students and educators create habitats that attract and support local wildlife.

    • Just for Kids - Learn about water, recycling, energy, and other ways to protect our environment.

    • The Water Page - Learn how you can help conserve water!

    • All about Water - Learn about water properties and measurements.