Storm Water Activity Book

Print off games such as matching, mazes, and crossword puzzles to help you understand storm water.

What Can I Do?

Simple tips how you can keep rivers and lakes clean and how to conserve water.

Bugs Don't Bug Me Coloring and Activity Book

Activities to teach students about macroinvertebrates in rivers and streams.

River of Words - Contest

 Annual art and poetry contest about nature and watersheds. For ages 5-19

Water Sayings

Proverbs, similes, metaphors, and popular sayings involving water

Water Footprint Activity

An activity to help you find out how much water you and your household use a year, and learn ways to use less water.

Utah Lake Watch Booklet

Keep your own record of what happens at your favorite lake.

Kids Links

Sites made by other agencies and companies to teach kids about water.

Science Fair Project Ideas

Links to other pages with science fair experiments related to water quality.