Stream Side Science Training Workshops

Our Stream Side Science workshop includes a session on watershed and water quality science and policy (Watershed 101), time in the field where educators learn monitoring techniques, and concludes with reflection and synthesis.  Educators model lesson plans and discuss how these can be used in different classroom settings.

How can I benefit from attending a training workshop?

  • You can gain 1/2 to 1 USU credits and relicensure points
  • You will get valuable hands-on experience outdoors
  • You will learn watershed basics Watershed 101
  • You will learn how to teach science, math, and geography in a hands-on way
  • You will learn how to create a water monitoring program for your students
  • Substitute reimbursement may be available - please check with us when you register
  • Lunch is provided

Workshop Participants Receive:

  • Stream Side Science manual which includes 11 lesson plans and water related activities (CD),
      • STEM connections are explicitly provided, with tips on graphing, simple statistics and other math exercises provided throughout the Stream Side Science manual.
  • Water Quality Educator Resources (CD),
  • Start-up kit for aquatic invertebrate lessons,
  • Hands-on training on monitoring techniques.

How to Register for a Stream Side Science Workshop:

Registering is easy!  Call us to request a 1-2 day workshop in your area.  We can schedule workshops anywhere in Utah for 10 or more participants.

For more information or to request a workshop in your area, please contact Tiffany Kinder at or (435) 797-2580.

What educators say about the workshop:

"The best [workshop] I have attended in 20 years!"   - Robert Wilder

"The presenters were totally prepared and enthusiastic! Lots of useable materials."   - Caroline Bass

"This is stuff I can take back and use in my class. They lay it out so it is easy for me to locate information and resources."   - Jessica Grundy

"A great workshop at a great price!!"   - Justin Thornley

"Everything was very well organized and taught in a way that was very relevant to and helpful for educators. The instructors were happy, enthusiastic & knowledgeable."   - McKenzi Ashcroft

"It was exactly what I expected/wanted/needed."   - Joel Drake

"It was great! I am excited to use this information with my own classroom in the future."   - Shayla Riley

"I'm not a classroom teacher, but I found many useful, adaptable items in Stream Side Science."   - Unknown

"Keep doing this workshop!  This is by far the most useful workshop I've ever been to."    - Joe Wilson