Supplemental Materials

Stream Side Science Data Sheets and Presentations

Data Sheets:


Utah Stream Team

The Utah Stream Team manual is a complete guide to setting up a volunteer monitoring program in your classroom or with volunteers.  It contains background information and resources pertaining to stream monitoring and water quality.  To receive a CD of Utah Stream Team, please call (435) 797-2580.

Utah Stream Team





Bear River Watershed Activity Guide

The Journey through the Bear River Activity Guide is a supplement to the Stream Side Science manual for schools within the Bear River Watershed.  It provides additional local resources and information.


Journey Through the Bear River Watershed







Jordan River Watershed Activity Manual

The Jordan River activity manual is a supplement to the Stream Side Science manual for schools within the Jordan River Watershed in the Salt Lake Valley.  The supplement was specifically written to be used with the Stream Side Science Manual.  The information contained will enhance Stream Side Science activites and provide the students with a greater understanding of their local watershed. 

For more information, or to obtain a free copy, please contact: 

Salt Lake City Public Utilities at (801) 483-6884, or click here to visit their website.

Click here to download the map to the right, Figure G-2: Jordan River Watershed Map - student copy





Click here for macroinvertebrate pictures and other visuals.