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What is Stream Side Science?

Stream Side Science is Utah's premier watershed education program.  The curriculum features lesson plans using hands-on stream monitoring techniques to teach middle- and high-school students about water pollution and water functions. The lesson plans include science, management, and policy aspects of water science and water quality. Because the curriculum engages students directly in their local watersheds, they also learn about stewardship through service and community outreach programs. The curriculum meets several Utah State Curriculum objectives in earth systems science, agriculture, and natural resources. Training workshops for educators are available.

Student Benefits from Stream Side Science

Get hands-on experiences! Gain knowlege about water, biology, and chemistry! 

  • Formal evaluation of Stream Side Science lessons demonstrated that student knowledge about watershed science, aquatic biology and pollution impacts increases significantly with the use of these lessons and materials.
  • In Utah alone, an estimated 80,000 students have been taught at least one Stream Side lesson by a trained educator, resulting in an increased knowledge and awareness of water quality and water science.
  • Students are engaged directly through monitoring and other activities, and encouraged to become stewards of their local watersheds through service and community outreach projects.
  • Students are encouraged to get outside and when that is not possible, lessons are easily adapted to bring samples from streams and lakes to the classroom.