Cache County Natural Resource Field Days is a program in northern Utah that provides fourth grade students with hands-on educational experiences that focus on watersheds. Students and their teachers spend the day at a Forest Service campground, rotating through 4 stations covering wildlife, soils, plants and water quality.    In 2013, over 1800 students participated.

DATES for NR Days 2014:    September 8 - 12, 15-18, 2014

Location:  Guinvah-Malibu Campsite in Logan Canyon

What about rain?
On rainy days, the event will be moved to Cache County Fairgrounds.
Brian Greene will make the decision and notify everyone on the contact list. 
The school district reps will contact teachers and the station leaders will contact volunteers. 

If you are not contacted, then you can assume that NR Days will be at Guinevah-Malibu in Logan Canyon. 



School Schedule


          Week 1 Sept. 8-12

          Week 2 Sept. 15-18



  • We will be outside all day.  Please advise your students to dress appropriately.  We have had rain in the past!
  • Please remind your students to bring water. 
  • We will be doing some activities near the river.  If students get their feet wet, they will be wet all day!
  • Please talk to your students about appropriate field trip behavior and the importance of respecting the area we will be using for the day.

USU Student Volunteers

          Click here if you want to volunteer

 All volunteers must attend ONE of the two training sessions offered

September 3rd    CPD 151   6:30-8:00
September 4th    CPD 151    6:30-8:00


Click here if you want USU credit

           For credit, students must attend  ONE of                                 these introductory and wrap-up sessions 


September 3rd    CPD 151     5:30-8:00 
September 4th   CPD 151   5:30 - 8:00


September 24th    CPD 151     5:30-8:00 
September 25th   CPD 151   5:30 - 8:00

             Contact Nancy Mesner about other requirements
or for more information.  


Volunteer Schedule


             Plant Volunteers

          Soil Volunteers

          Water Volunteers


Need a ride?

Check the volunteer  schedule (above).  Volunteers who are willing to drive are indicated in red with an asterisk.


Map of Guinvah-Malibu Location


Map of Campground Teaching Locations


Lesson Plans



Lesson Plans


Explore plants and leaf around while you use a dichotomous key to identify plant types.

Biomes Lesson Plan

Leafing Around Lesson Plan


Students will create a soil profile tube, learn about erosion, and play an interactive game that transforms them into soil particles.


Students will explore aquatic habitats, discover insects that live in the Logan River, and learn how insects are indicators of water quality. 


At the Wildlife station, it’s all about survival. Students participate in two educational games that demonstrate the challenges wildlife face as they try to find the food, water, shelter and space they need to survive.

Experience NR Days through our photo tour of activities


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