Water Quality Extension offers several resources for teachers including training workshops, lesson plans, activities, and materials located in each county.

Stream Side Science

The Stream Side Science curriculum is a set of 12 lesson plans designed to teach watershed science to middle and high school students.  The curriculum originally targeted grades 9-11 but has been used effectively by grades 5-12.  The curriculum is aligned to national and state core standards. Make A Splash Workshop.


Lesson Plans

Discover the scientist within using these fun and interactive lesson plans that help teach kids and adults of all ages about protecting and maintaining the quality of our water.


Training & Workshops

Find out what workshops we offer and when we'll be in your city or request a workshop near you.


Equipment & Supplies

See what supplies are available for checkout from an extension office near you, or view a list of where to purchase supplies to make your own water quality education kit.


Kids' Page!

Dive into water quality coloring pages, activity books, and games designed specifically to help kids learn about water quality and have fun.


Online Resources

Browse resources such as posters, websites, and macroinvertebrate pictures to help you teach about water quality.