8.1 Checklists of Best Management Practices

Many conservation and land management practices, known as Best Management Practices (BMPs), have been proven to to reduce leaching and runoff of nutrients from your fields.

You will need the following information:

General information

Information about your operation and field features, including aspects of your field's design, and maintenance records will be needed.

Use the BMP checklists to determine which BMPs you should implement.

BMP checklist for animal lot and manure storage areas


BMP checklist for manure application


BMP checklist for nutrient management


BMP checklist for land management


Directions for BMP checklists:

Print the checklists or save and use the Word document of these checklists. The list should be kept as a part of your record keeping

Place a check mark in each box indicating which conservation practices have been implemented or if the practice is not needed. It the practice will be implemented indicate the date of implementation.

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