Water Pollution Lesson Plans


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    Water Pollution Lesson Plans


    This page contains lesson plans that will help you teach about water quality pollution and its effects on water and land resources. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to check out relevant equipment.

    Watershed Models (Enviroscape)
    Grades K-12

    Demonstrates the concept of a watershed and how pollutants move within a watershed and how best management practices reduce pollutants in a watershed. 15-20 min.

    Pave It or Plant It
    Grades 7-12

    Activity demonstrating the effects of paving over the landscape and the effect on runoff.  

    surface model

    Groundwater Model
    Grades 6-12

    Activity that teaches basic groundwater concepts by using the groundwater flow demonstration model.  Watch this helpful YouTube Video.

    Water Pollution Graphing
    Grades K-6

    Lesson plan describes and identifies the link between land use activities within a watershed and water quality.
    20 - 30 min.

    Watershed Detectives
    Grades 8-12

    Students analyze water samples from different watersheds and use their knowledge of water quality to determine the source of their samples.

    water footprint link