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    Stream Trailer


    What is the stream trailer?

    stream trailer

    The stream trailer is a hands-on educational tool that allows participants to examine the natural movement of streams and rivers. The stream trailer contains a large flat "land area" composed of plastic grit. Water is pumped through the trailer to create a "stream" that moves along the length of the trailer.

    The stream trailer can be used to demonstrate how natural streams are formed, the importance of streamside (riparian) vegetation to protect the banks, impacts of dams, flooding, development, and also how slope, flow, and structure affect stream formation.

    Lessons and Demonstrations for the Stream Trailer

    How can I check out the stream trailer?

    The stream trailer in now located in Salt Lake City and managed by the Department of Environmental Quality. If you are interested in using the stream trailer, you may contact Jim Bowcutt ( to check on the availability. To haul the trailer you must have a full size pickup and a class 3, 4, or 5 trailer hitch. The trailer requires an outdoor power and water source at the destination. 

    Where can I find lesson plans or demonstrations for the stream trailer?

    Stream Trailer Instructional Videos (USU Water Quality Extension)

    Stream Trailer Demonstrations (Oklahoma State)

    Stream Table Investigations that can be adapted to use with the stream trailer (Hubbard Scientific)