Utah's County Water Fairs


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    Utah's County Water Fairs

    bannerCounty Water Fairs are organized by county extension offices across Utah. Water fairs focus on teaching fourth graders the fundamentals of what watersheds are and how they work, introduce aquatic macroinvertebrates, and the importance of water quality to humans and the environment.  Organizations involved at these fair can include county health departments, waste management facilities, the United States Forest Service, and the National Park Service. 

    How USU Water Quality Extension is involved:

    We have several hands-on activities we take to water fairs that teach about watersheds and water quality.

    Stream Hydrology Trailer

     The stream hydrology trailer is a tool to examine the movement of  stream and river water. The stream trailer can help students learn  about the movement of water in a watershed, formation of stream  channels, the importance of riparian vegetation, and the nature of  flooding. The trailer also allows students to better understand how  streams behave under natural conditions and what will happen when  humans change those conditions.


    Bugs Don't Bug Me

    This activity introduces students to aquatic macroinvertebrates and their unique adaptations that allow them to live in various aquatic environments. One student is dressed up in a bug costume, with each article of clothing representing a different adaptation. After the presentation students are introduced to live organisms and have the opportunity  to observe and carefully handle them. 



    The Enviroscape is a watershed/surface water model that demonstrates how water and pollutants move across a watershed. The model can also be used to teach the difference between non-point source and point source pollution.  It can also show how best management practices reduce pollutants in a watershed. 


    Let's Work Together

    USU Water Quality Extension can come to your county water fair or other water related event. 

    You can also check out the equipment and lesson plans from an extension office near you. Click here to go to the equipment and supplies page or contact us directly.