Harmful Algal Blooms

    Harmful Algal Blooms

    Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring

    Algae observed in the lake?

    Did you notice any algae at the lake site? Algae, when present in moderate amounts, is a healthy part of the lake community. Please survey popular recreation sites at the water body.


    Types [of algae] observed?

    Filamentous algae is “stringy” and like “cotton candy” It is harmless and can be picked up with a stick.


    Algae in the water column: Tiny microscopic algae are often present in the water column, giving the water a green (or brown) tint. Look for greenish colored water (L) or tiny clumps of algae floating in the water column (m). Pea-green waters (R) are an indication of an algal bloom.


    Floating scum (different than filamentous green algae) are almost always Harmful Algal Blooms. Follow “in-case of a bloom instructions”.


    Harmful algal bloom suspected?

    If your water is abnormally greenish colored, you observe many floating algal colonies or if there are any spilled-paint like scums present, you should suspect a harmful algal bloom. Follow the “Steps to Take if You Suspect a Harmful Algal Bloom” document to record your observations, photograph the bloom, and contact the authorities.

    - Field Algae ID Guide


    UWW Contacted?

    Utah Water Watch should be contacted (waterquality@usu.edu, (435) 797-2580 ) if you suspect a bloom.