decontaminationAfter collecting field samples or recreating in bodies of water known or suspected to have invasive species, all equipment and clothing that came in contact with the water should be cleaned thoroughly. When practical, the least infected or least likely to be infected sites should be sampled prior to the infected sites. This will reduce accidentally infecting a new area while sampling. To learn more about invasive species visit the invasive species page.

    Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has come out with 3 simple steps for decontaminating equipment:

         1. Clean - remove mud, plants, animals or other debris

         2. Drain - remove excess water

         3. Dry - 7 days during the summer, 18 days during spring/fall and 30 days in the winter, or freeze (3 days)

    For decontaminating Utah Water Watch equipment follow these steps:





    Before you leave the site, remove any visual debris (i.e. mud, plants, or debris)


    Clean equipment with warm soapy water or a disinfecting solution (e.g. Ethanol, Lysol, Bleach).

    Pay particular attention to crevices, such as in the tread of boots or waders

      DEcontaminate tube

    Completely dry out equipment - 7 days summer, 18 days spring/fall and 30 days in the winter) or freeze (3 days)


      decon tube