Tier 2 | Utah Water Watch

    Tier 2

    Tier 2 volunteers assist water quality scientists and managers on an as-needed basis.

    Who may participate?

    • Dedicated Utah Water Watch volunteers who have participated in the Tier 1 program for a year
    • Citizens who have some experience with environmental monitoring

    Why participate?

    • Assist Division of Water Quality to collect credible data
    • Work closely with state scientists
    • Work with local watershed partners
    • Data will be used to assess project implementation and the health of a water body

    Volunteers work with local watershed coordinators or Utah Division of Water Quality scientists to collect high quality data for assessment purposes. Often this work validates water quality improvements, usually by monitoring the effectiveness of specific restoration projects or Best Management Practices (BMPs).

    Tier 2 monitoring requires additional training and a higher level of commitment from a volunteer. If interested, contact the UWW program coordinator for training and opportunities in your local watershed. 

    At a Tier 2 training, volunteers will learn advanced monitoring techniques, which follow the Utah DWQ Standard Operating Procedures.

    Volunteers will be trained in and may assist with:

    • Calibration and use of multi-probes
    • Collection and handling of water quality samples
    • Stream flow / discharge measurements
    • E. coli IDEXX sampling and analysis
    • Macroinvertebrate sampling and handling
    • Photo point monitoring