Lakes | Utah Water Watch


    Lakes photo

    The Lakes program adapts Tier 1 monitoring for the unique nature of lakes while providing monitoring opportunities for our more engaged volunteers. If you decide to help with this program, you will learn more about the ecology, as well as the threats to your local water bodies. Whether you are a state parks employee, student, educator, or interested citizen, being a Utah Water Watch volunteer is a fun and easy way to be more involved in your local watershed.

    Who may participate? 

    • Any interested citizen that has attended a Utah Water Watch Training.  
    • Interested educators and their classrooms.

    Why participate?  

    • Gain understanding of the water quality in Utah's lakes.
    • Be a first line of defense for potentially harmful algae and bacteria.
    • Educate others about Utah's lakes.

    Depending on your availability and what you would like to get out of the program, Utah Water Watch offers three monitoring options. You may participate in all or one of the options below, though participation in the general program is encouraged. 

    Contact Utah State Water Quality Extension ( to learn more about Utah Water Watch's Lakes program.