Tier 2 Monitoring

This is the advanced monitoring stage of the Utah Water Watch program.  Volunteers work with local watershed coordinators or UT Division of Water Quality scientists to collect high quality data for assessment purposes.  Often this work monitors the effectiveness of specific restoration projects or Best Management Practices (BMPs) to help validate water quality improvements.

Tier 2 involves more training and a higher level of commitment from a volunteer.  Interested Tier I volunteers can contact the UWW program coordinator to see if there are opportunities in their local watershed for advanced monitoring.

Click on the link below for the appropriate Tier II datasheet:

UWW Tier 2 Lake Datasheet                                      UWW Tier 2 Stream Datasheet  

The methodologies for monitoring are explained in the sections below.  Click on a topic to find step by step instructions along with overview videos. For specifications about the equipment used and costs visit our UWW Equipment Spreadsheet.

Field Observations & Sampling Locations Calibration

(Conductivity, pH, Salinity, temperature, and TDS)

Dissolved Oxygen

Photo Point Monitoring