Who can volunteer?

UWW is a free program and is open to volunteers of all ages. UWW has tiers for every level of interest and ability. You can either volunteer as an individual, a group leader, or entire group.  Examples of potential volunteers include

  • Families
  • Teachers and students
  • Boaters, fishermen, and other outdoor enthusiasts
  • Church / Community Groups
  • Both rural and urban residents

If you have an interest in lakes or streams and would like to learn more about the water quality and help monitor, then you should be a volunteer!

Volunteer Registration

Please fill out a volunteer form for each person who wants to attend a workshop.  If your group wants to participate in UWW a minimum of one volunteer needs to be certified (i.e., a teacher can be certified and then carry out the monitoring with the students).

Fill out a volunteer registration form that provides UWW staff with your contact information and establishes your monitoring goals. If you have any problems, contact the program coordinator.

Download either a PDF or Microsoft Word document by clicking on your preferred format below. After filling out the entire form, save a copy for yourself.  Email (preferred), fax, or mail a copy of the form to the program coordinator:

Ellen Bailey or Eli Robinson

5210 Old Main Hill

Logan, UT 84322


Fax: (435)797-1871

Email: ellen.bailey@usu.edu

Volunteer Registration Form PDF      Volunteer Registration Form Microsoft Word

How are volunteers trained?